We have our very own FIVEM Playoplayo server with GTA Random Racing and more. Allowing up to 32 Players. You must be registered to this site to use our server.
  • Teleport Anywhere (Use F7 when you make a waypoint)
  • Custom Races with randoms
  • Prize for winner
  • All weapons enabled, not that you'll need then because hopefully, racing is your thing
  • We have over 18 tracks
  • And Much More
Full Details

GTA Events Online And Racing Table of Contents

Common Questions


Look for purple circled star blips on the waypoint map. There will be corresponding purple cylinder checkpoints in the world. The label for the blip in the waypoint map will indicate the player who registered the race and the buy-in amount. If you have enough funds to pay for the buy-in amount, you can join the race. You can check how much funds you have by typing /races funds. Get close to the registration waypoint until you are prompted to join. Type 'E' or press right DPAD to join. The person who registered the race will be the one to start the race. Once they start the race, your vehicle will be frozen until the start delay has expired and the race has officially begun. Follow the checkpoints until the finish. The results of the race will be broadcast to all racers who joined. Prize money will be distributed to all finishers. If you want to see the results again, type /races results.
First of all you have to register