A brief rundown

  • Why Playo Playo?
    Good question, well first the name I wanted something to relate to playing online gaming. So a bit of a usual play on words. Also, I wanted to make sure that whatever I branded the site, its logo name could easily be abbreviated and also fit into a nice small icon type logo.
  • Why did you start this website?
    Well have you been on GTA and find yourself on your own or waiting endlessly at times for other players to join? only to find most of the time they just disappear. I felt there was a real need for players to meet up and arrange regular GTA Online Events, where just maybe people know exactly, when, and who are playing.
  • Who are you?
    So it’s not we, or huge company at all. It’s just myself.
  • My Background
    So I am a self-taught web designer and love PHP and coding, no PHP is not a cake! lol . With experience in web hosting and all things web-related, I also take particular care in making sure this website looks good on all devices, not an easy task.I’m a qualified Class 2 HGV Driver and have many other skills.
  • Hobbies etc
    I am a keen road cyclist, also MTB, I love Video Editing, making music on the pc, and play the keyboard. I have also produced many of my own tracks. Mad about computers and tech stuff. I also as you guessed love gaming (Even at my age!)
  • Support Us
    Please help support us by spreading the word and just generally help others. Please note I have not put adverts anywhere on this site, so its completly free of adverts. If you feel like Donating you can go to our donations page Here